Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes Jon C. Teller, Esq.

Lawyers of Distinction wishes to welcome Jon C. Teller, Esq. of Los Angeles, California. Jon Teller acts as one of the primary trial attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm. Jon has resolved dozens of cases, many worth well over seven figures. In 2016, Jon received the 20th highest personal injury trial verdict in California, a $3,652,000 verdict for a disputed liability vehicle collision at an intersection.

Jon is proud to work for and support those in need of Wilshire Law Firm’s legal representation. He takes great care of his clients, making sure they get the best treatment, personalized attention, and ultimately, the justice they deserve. Those who know Jon describe him as a strong and persuasive negotiator, with extraordinary oral and written communication skills.

Prior to joining Wilshire Law Firm, Jon worked on the defense side handling difficult and complex catastrophic injury cases, involving wrongful deaths, traumatic brain injuries, paraplegics and quadriplegics. Jon represented large corporations and celebrity clients involving high exposure disputes. Jon understands how the defense thinks and strategizes, and brings those experiences and skills to fight for justice for his clients.
Jon has negotiated multiple seven and eight-figure settlements on behalf of his clients.

Jon feels that being a personal injury attorney gives him an extraordinary opportunity to support vulnerable people, during the most difficult time of their lives. Jon not only cares about the individual clients, but also about their families. He understands that, when a person is affected, their loved ones also go through their emotional and financial struggles.

Mr. Teller’s hard work and generosity extend beyond the courtroom. As a member of Bet Tzedek, he has done pro bono work to help children in displaced homes get conservatorships with their new guardians. He’s an active member of many charities; helping families with vital resources, donating school supplies for kids, and providing hospital visits for people without a family.

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