Lawyers of Distinction Membership Discounts

Joining Lawyers of Distinction includes various benefits to increase your exposure and visibility for your law practice and business, however one of the more popular benefits amongst our members includes the Lawyers of Distinction Membership Discount Club.  After becoming accepted for membership with Lawyers of Distinction, all tiers of membership include access to the Lawyers of Distinction Membership Discount Club.

Lawyers of Distinction is proud to offer you member-only discounts and corporate rates on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, car rentals, and hotels! With over 302,000 offers across 10,000 cities and easy mobile access, you will always find a reason to celebrate your savings!  In order to activate this benefit, once you have been approved for membership, you will need to register your Membership Discount Card at

The Membership Discount Card will contain a Member ID on the back that will be used when registering.  Once you are successfully registered, you may begin browsing for discounts near you!  In addition to the discounts offered, the Membership Discount Club also allows members to explore insurance benefits offered as well and take part in the Giveaway program.Some of the more commonly used discounts by our members include:

    • Discounted gift card bundles at popular restaurants in your community
    • Up to 35% off movie tickets at AMC, Regal Entertainment, and more!
    • Discounts off general admission pricing at over 150 national attractions
    • Save up to $25 at Sam‘s Club, Free Products from Costco & Up to 10% off on
    • Member Discounts at over 63,000 hotels
    • Up to $500 off new & pre-owned cars from over 10,000 participating dealers
    • 20% off flowers from over 9,000 participation florists
    • Up to $75 off cable services plus free upgrades
    • 15%-25% off men’s and women’s apparel purchases
    • 5% off airfare and hotel reservations from Southwest Vacations

Along with the many business benefits of joining the Lawyers of Distinction, you will also receive savings and discounts for hotels, theme parks, computer supplies, restaurants, and movies.  You will have exclusive access to National and Local discounts.  Each member will receive over $5000 worth of savings.

Examples of Discounts

Over $5000 Worth of Savings

“Distinguish Yourself”™