Member Directory

All tiers of membership with Lawyers of Distinction include the most comprehensive and personalized member profile on the internet. Each member will receive a customized profile page featuring a picture, links to your firm’s website and social media, the address of your firm along with a Google Maps interface which allows potential clients to view how close your office is to them at a glance, and a curated list of favorable reviews from Google, AVVO, and Yelp. Favorable reviews are an important representation of any attorney. By curating a list of favorable reviews, Lawyers of Distinction can offer a sampling of what makes your practice unique.

Our profiles contain a short biography or description of your practice which allows clients to gain additional insight about you and adds a personalized aspect to the profile. Your profile can be modified at any time and one of our representatives is always on hand to assist you in making any edits necessary. Lawyers of Distinction also provides a contact form within your profile managed by our team members. Any credible request for additional information is forwarded to you while spam is filtered and deleted, this frees you from needing to manage those requests on your own. Whether a potential customer searches an applicable area of practice, your name, or your geographic location, your profile will be listed in the search results they obtain.

Our commitment to a highly customized user experience is what makes our platform #1 in online Legal Search.