With over 1 million licensed, active attorneys in the United States, people have more options than ever before when seeking legal counsel. It can be difficult – and expensive – for firms and solo attorneys to land on the first pages of top search engines’ results with all this competition. In fact, Borrell Associates estimates brands and agencies across industries in the United States will shell out $79.3 billion in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in 2020.

So how can independent lawyers and smaller firms compete in today’s online marketplace? According to the Local Search Association, almost 8 out of 10 people will look into an internet directory when they are in need of a particular service. Being a part of a respected online directory can be an excellent, affordable way to boost visibility and enhance reputation. Far from the printed Yellow Pages of yesteryear, today’s directories provide targeted, easily-filtered information in a user-friendly format. Top among online directories are industry-specific directories that provide invaluable educational resources to visitors as well as limit their listings to qualified leaders in that industry.

For top attorneys, the Lawyers of Distinction Member Directory offers the most comprehensive and personalized member profile directory on the internet. Each approved member receives a customized profile page with a picture, website link, Google Maps directions and favorable reviews from GOOGLE, AVVO and Yelp. Inclusion in this highly-optimized, easily-searchable directory also adds many more digital marketing benefits, including:

Top 5 Benefits of The Lawyers of Distinction Member Directory

  1. Improve Visibility – With current monthly visitors to the Lawyers of Distinction website reaching approximately 11,000, inclusion puts members in front of thousands of new potential clients
  2. Enhance Reputation – By achieving recognition as a Lawyer of Distinction and inclusion in the Member Directory, members establish their experience, abilities and background are best in class
  3. Increase Website Traffic – New traffic flows directly from the member profile link to the individual’s website
  4. Build Trust – Word of mouth is a top attractor of new leads. Reviews have transitioned this powerful lead generator to an easily accessible online format. Having members’ top, positive reviews instantly available in their profiles build trust instantly
  5. Boost SEO – The highly-optimized Lawyers of Distinction website provides a valuable backlink to member websites, enhancing SEO

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