The time of year has finally arrived where the nights are becoming much cooler while the days become shorter. Everything pumpkin is becoming available at local groceries across the country. Despite all of the changes in the weather, you are still able to rely on all of your favorite legal podcasts. This covers everything from practice management tips to technology to Biglaw. These legal podcasts are both informative and interesting.

How Workplace Dynamics are Shielding the Sexual Harassment Perpetrators

One of the issues being discussed in the podcasts is how so many employees are afraid to report sexual harassment. The fear is there will be retaliation in their place of employment. This fear has been addressed in a podcast called The Shield of Silence. This discusses how power has resulted in a culture of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

The Reason Tech Competence is Important

New technology has had a significant impact on numerous industries. Law is not an exception. During one of the podcasts, Monica Goyal and Bob Ambrogi discuss the reasons why new technical skills are important for legal professionals. The discussion also delves into what happens to law firms who fail to embrace the innovative new tools.

Space Law

The question is when a crime has been committed in space, how is it litigated? The legal frameworks in existence are discussed by Mark Sundahl and Michelle Hanlon. This includes crimes literally committed in space and the legal issues that have been linked to space law.

A Course in Money Management for Small and Solo Firm Professionals

Even a first-class attorney must be a financial pro in order to properly run a law firm. Tune into the legal podcasts for some important wisdom regarding handling the finances at a legal practice, keeping the account balance off the radar of the Internal Revenue Service and in the positive and overseeing a bookkeeper.

Cyber Insecurity: The reasons Security Practices Must be Reconsidered

Due to all of the confidential information passing through legal professionals, one of the most important issues has become cybersecurity. Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy share their insights regarding law firm security and the ABA technology survey.

Law Firm Strategy Tips for Social Media Marketing

One of the most critical tools for attorneys is social media advertising campaigns. The legal podcasts are offering tips regarding crafting marketing to establish a connection between lawyers and their targeted clients. Actionable and easy strategies are offered to increase the law firm’s visibility.

Updating Modern Law Rules and Re-Regulating Attorneys

The continued access to justice issues has resulted in numerous state regulations for attorneys subject to potential reform. The current trends regarding the updated regulations for the delivery of legal services are explored by Jayne Reardon. This includes the changes Arizona, Utah and California have proposed.

The Increasing Number of Obstacles for Biglaw Diversity

Diversity has started to fall behind when it comes to Biglaw. Patrice, Joe and Kathryn Rubino have a discussion concerning the most current Mansfield Rule efforts. They talk about whether the difficulties in building a diverse legal workforce are included more in the system or in the current reforms address.

The Importance of Mental Health for A Thriving Law Firm

Renee Branson of RB Consulting discusses the pressing issue of mental health in the legal community, and what steps you can take immediately to identify and correct these issues for your firm and yourself on the Legal Mastermind Podcast.

The State Variations Regarding the Dispensation of Opioids are Discussed

The compensation systems for a lot of state workers have been producing highly varied data regarding dispensing opioids all over the nation. The fifth edition of the study co-authored by Dr. Vennela Thumula is discussed. This is about the variations throughout the states for dispensing opioids.

Choosing the Right Tools to Increase Productivity for a Small Law Firm

It is important to know which are the most effective tools for increasing the productivity of an attorney. Jane Oxley discusses the best practices for a law firm assessment including their specific needs. Tips are offered to choose a practice management software vendor.

The Scarlet A Edition

Kate Watson wrote Scarlet A. This is a book about the politics, law and ethics of an ordinary abortion. She discusses the reasons why having a real discussion about abortion is so important. A large number of Americans are impacted by abortions. Talking about this can potentially lead to solutions for other social issues.