The legal profession can be stressful to those employed in the field, but the resulting personal problems experienced by lawyers can have serious ramifications beyond their own lives. One problem faced by attorneys is the attempt to gain recognition in the field. One way to tackle this issue is through the services provided by the legal marking company Lawyers of Distinction. The other issues can represent more serious challenges to the attorneys themselves and to those they serve.

Research has shown a psychological illness rate among lawyers that is higher than in most other professions. One study of thousands of practicing attorneys in the United States revealed significant rates of anxiety, depression and stress. These conditions can intensify or lead to more serious problems, including alcohol addiction or even suicidal thoughts. These issues were discussed at a recent meeting of the American Bar Association, with panelists specifically addressing how troubled lawyers can affect the public interest. This is particularly true in low-income communities, where citizens often lack sufficient access to the justice system. Attorneys who are unable to handle stress will be both tired and vulnerable to the other adverse elements of the legal system, in the process creating more trouble for their clients. One observer noted the importance of creating a legal culture that can help attorneys maintain good mental health.

The concern over lawyer “burn out” was echoed by an established public defender who works in California and who witnessed high turnover rates of fellow attorneys. He personally experienced stress related to one case that involved the murder of a child. Shaken by the case, he sought help from a medical doctor, who recommended both psychological counseling and a change in other personal habits. His own experience has helped him create a better environment for others who work in the office.

Certain techniques that can help reduce stress for others have proven to be useful to those in the legal profession. Such passive activities, such as watching television, may provide little or no benefit when it comes to reducing stress. More challenging activities, from sports to picking up a new interest or hobby, offer more hope. The troubled public defender from the troubled office in California found relief by learning how to play the guitar. The general consensus is that the activity should be enjoyable and fulfilling outside of the work environment.

In the legal field, good mental health is certainly not the only key to success. However, it can reduce some of the stresses encountered by lawyers, in the process helping them function in an area where personal performance is of utmost importance. In terms of gaining recognition, Lawyers of Distinction can help lawyers who may lack a large marketing budget. This private marketing firm regularly publicizes the names of lawyers through print and online media outlets. Lawyers of Distinction is ideal for attorneys who are new to the field or those who are well established. It can help lawyers build the reputation they need to succeed in the profession.