Identity matters in the legal world. As the owner of your own practice, you will need to do all in your power to create a specific identity and brand that sets you apart from your peers. Many law firm owners feel that including the area of their primary practice in their company name will give them this identity.

It Isn’t Always Good to Focus Too Much on One Area of Practice

However, new evidence is emerging that may put the lie to this idea. Having the words “DWI” or “divorce” in your practice name may end up doing you more harm than good. Part of the problem is that the idea may have originated with a specific practice owner but has since spread all over the country. At this point, it’s a bit of a cliché.

Another point to consider is that you want to become a visible and respected member of your community. Being the owner of a generically named practice will not allow you to build social equity with your name. If you relocate to another area, you won’t have a reputation to bring with you.

What Can You Do Instead of Listing Your Practice in Your Firm Name?

Instead of listing the specific area of your practice in your firm name, it may be better to simply follow the tried and true method of using your own name and those of your partners. For example, ” Mill Valley DWI Law Firm” puts too much of a spotlight on a single aspect of your practice.

The problem here is that “DWI Law Firm” may obscure the fact that you practice in other areas of law besides DWI defense. Meanwhile, a dozen other practices in your area may also be using this or similar phrases in their own law firm names. This means that you are now only one of a pack of identically named law practices. What was once a great way to set you apart has now become a generic cliché that holds you back.

By contrast, “Joe Lawyerton and Associates” allows people to get to know and then remember your own name. This creates an association that people will use when it comes time to hire a lawyer. If they have used you in a case before, your name will be on their mind and easy to reference. They will also be able to repeat your name when called upon to give a recommendation for an attorney to a friend or family member.

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