Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes Nancy Ledy-Gurren, Esq., of New York, New York

Lawyers of Distinction wishes to welcome Nancy Ledy-Gurren, Esq., of New York, New York Nancy as a 2019 certified Lawyer of Distinction! Ms. Ledy-Gurrent has over 35 years of experience in the commercial litigation, class action defense, and the healthcare/health product defense field. She is national counsel to a Florida-based biotech company that produces allografts and xenografts for surgical transplantation.

She is currently national counsel to a senior living provider and has, for the past twelve years, supervised all litigation for its near 300 individual facilities She supervises all litigation, risk management and third-party administration services to this client, which has enjoyed an unparalleled success rate in low claims initiation and disposition values.

Nancy also enjoys a long history in infertility litigation. She second-chaired in the trial of the first “test tube baby case”, DelZio v. Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, which was tried in the Southern District of New York in 1978. Since that time, she has been Counsel to several infertility programs for the purpose of risk-management (informed consent issues) and the defense of pending litigation, both commercial and tort-based. She has represented two distinct institutionally-based infertility programs in class actions involving allegations involving “success statistics”. She argued before the New York Court of Appeals the first General Business Law claim regarding infertility treatments (Karlin v. IVF America, 93 NY2d 282(1999)), and currently provides risk management and litigation services to individual infertility practices.

Nancy’s appellate practice has been diverse, and she has handled numerous appeals in all of the New York Appellate Division Departments, the New York Court of Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Her appellate practice has included not only products cases, but an array of commercial, professional liability (attorneys and accountants) and coverage matters.

Again, congratulations and welcome to Ms. Nancy Ledy-Gurren, Esq., on becoming a 2019 certified Lawyer of Distinction!

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