Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes David Kenner, Esq. of Encino, California

Lawyers of Distinction wishes to welcomes David Kenner, Esq., of Encino, California as a certified member for 2019. Mr. Kenner was admitted to practice in the State of California in 1968 and has devoted the last 45+ years to handling thousands of State and Federal criminal matters across the country.

In addition to all of the State matters he has handled, Mr. Kenner has developed a large part of his practice devoted to the litigation of complex criminal, quasi-criminal, and civil litigation most typically opposing government counsel. He has tried cases against US attorneys, district attorneys, attorneys general, and has confronted in litigation the FBI, DEA, CIA, ATF, organized crime, OCIDEF Task Force cases, government contracting fraud, and many others.

Mr. Kenner was defense counsel in the first Federal drug king pin case brought in the United States, a host of 848, 846, and 841 cases and a number of money laundering cases including the largest DEA undercover money laundering investigation called “Operation Polar Cap”. Mr. Kenner in that case won a dismissal for his client. Having handled nearly every kind of Federal crime including white collar crimes, weapons charges, Federal homicide cases and CFTC and SEC matters.

Mr. Kenner has also distinguished himself in the representation of every type of State crime, both misdemeanors and felonies. Mr. Kenner’s excellence is well illustrated in his representation of “Snoop Dogg” where he won an acquittal, Robert Geddyes, where his cross examination in pretrial hearings forced the district attorneys office to dismiss their first degree murder charge on the eve of trial, and most recently he and Mr. Greenfield won an acquittal in a case involving twelve counts of attempted murder filed against two members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in the State of South Dakota.

He is considered an expert in the cross examination of government professional witnesses. Whether an instant arrest or a multi year conspiracy investigation, Mr. Kenner brings the experience, expertise and know how to level the playing field allowing the firm’s clients to receive a fair trial and the cutting edge in representation.

Again, congratulations to Mr. Kenner on becoming a certified member of Lawyers of Distinction!

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