Lawyers of Distinction Presents 2024 National Advisory Board Chairs: A Diverse Assembly of Legal Excellence

In a dynamic legal landscape defined by complexity and innovation, the role of exceptional leadership and mentorship cannot be overstated. Lawyers of Distinction recognizes this imperative and is delighted to announce our esteemed Chairs and Co-chairs who will be heading our 2024 National Advisory Board. Comprising 25 distinct areas of practice, this board stands as a testament to the breadth and depth of legal expertise across various specialties.

The National Advisory Board serves as a cornerstone of guidance and inspiration within the legal community, offering a platform for seasoned professionals to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences. In an era where legal challenges evolve rapidly, the collective wisdom and leadership of these distinguished members provide invaluable support to attorneys seeking to navigate and excel in their respective fields.

Selected through a rigorous process that emphasizes excellence, integrity, and commitment to advancing the legal profession, each Chair and Co-chair embodies the highest standards of professionalism and accomplishment. Their appointment to the 2024 National Advisory Board reflects not only their individual achievements but also their dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration within the legal community.

Introducing the Chairs and Co-chairs:

Antitrust Law

Dianne Nast, Esq. – Chair

Appellate Law

David Senoff, Esq. – Chair

Aviation Law

Jamie R. Lebovitz, Esq. – Chair

Civil Litigation

Joseph A. Gershman, Esq. – Chair
Guy Kornblum, Esq. – Co-Chair

Constitutional Law

Amanda Denison, Esq. – Chair

Corporate And Transactional Law

Philip Taub, Esq. – Chair
James Chapman, Esq. – Co-Chair

Criminal Defense Law

Virginia Blumenthal, Esq. – Chair

Elder Law

David Cutner, Esq. – Chair

Employment Law

Parisis G. Filippatos, Esq. – Chair

Entertainment Law

Lloyd Zane Remick, Esq. – Chair

Estate Planning Law

Andrea L. Jakob, Esq. – Chair

Family And Divorce Law

Ronald Bell, Esq. – Chair

General Practice Law

Michael Warshaw, Esq. – Chair

Government Contracts

Cherylyn Harley LeBon, Esq. – Chair

Health Care Law

Maria T. Santi, Esq. – Chair

Immigration Law

José Vinícius Bicalho, Esq. – Chair

Insurance Law

Peter C. Merani, Esq. – Chair

Insurance Bad Faith Law

Henry Seiden, Esq. – Chair

International Law

Max Keller, Esq. – Chair

Mass Tort Litigation

Howard Nations, Esq. – Chair

Medical Malpractice Law

Richard Gurfein, Esq. – Chair

Personal Injury Law

Dan Newlin, Esq. – Chair
George Farah, Esq. – Co-Chair

Real Estate Law

Nick Helmer, Esq. – Chair

Securities Law

Otto Hilbert, Esq. – Chair

Tax Law

John Brusniak, Jr., Esq. – Chair

Wills And Trust Law

Lloyd Bowers, Esq. – Chair

Workers Compensation Law

Herbert Chestnut, Esq. – Chair

More Information regarding the 2024 National Advisory Board, along with a full list of members, can be found here.