Lawyers of Distinction Member William Campbell, Esq. Obtains Downward Variance Sentence For His Client

In a recent highly contested federal sentencing, regarding a computer fraud and abuse act case, Lawyers of Distinction member William H. Campbell, Esq. was able to obtain a downward variance sentence for his client. The court imposed a downward variance of more than five years reducing the sentence to 26 months. This sentence was obtained after an equally contentious jury trial which took three trial days to complete. Mr. Campbell is familiar with the “trial penalty” philosophy often raised as a reason to avoid trial. He has rejected that, as a general philosophy, in favor of a vigorous defense both at trial and, if necessary, at sentencing. He has yet to see this alleged phenomena in any of his cases.

Mr. Campbell began his legal career when he received his Legal Intern license in 1980, while still in law school. As an intern with a highly respected Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer he learned the extent Federal and State Governments would go to obtain convictions. When he became a fully licensed attorney in 1982, he opened his private practice which has been in continuous operation since that time. While the practice has engaged in many areas of the law, the primary focus has been criminal defense.

Mr. Campbell’s firm has successfully represented numerous different clients charged with a wide range of criminal offenses including First Degree Murder, Racketeering, Rape, Conspiracy, Drug Offenses, Robbery, Theft, Embezzlement, Arson, Child Abuse (Sexual and Physical), Federal and State gun charges. The firm has been successful in getting charges reduced or dismissed due to police misconduct or violations of the clients constitutional rights.

He has practiced in various federal districts from Los Angeles to Kansas to Oklahoma. He is also admitted in the Tenth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

Keep up the great work Mr. Campbell!

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