Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes New Member Carrie Chaille Eckstein, Esq.

Lawyers of Distinction wishes to welcome new member Carrie Chaille Eckstein, Esq. of Denver, Colorado.

Ms. Eckstein has been recognized for her volunteer work as a lawyer, winning the Pro Bono Legal Service Award. She believes it is part of her duty as an attorney to provide access to legal services to those who cannot afford it, a belief shared and lived out by many of the attorneys at The Harris Law Firm. Her passion for helping others first expressed itself during law school, when she interned for an international adoption agency. She also gained valuable experience as an intern for a Circuit Court Judge.

In addition, Ms. Eckstein’s experience as a Guardian Ad Litem and Child/Family Investigator for the Colorado courts has given her extensive experience into court processes as well as into the needs of children and their families. Between her excellent practice, her experience, and her passion for helping families in times of need, Attorney Eckstein is a wonderful example of what The Harris Law Firm is about.

Her current practice at our firm includes working as a mediator between cooperative clients, resolving child custody disputes, and handling domestic abuse cases. Her values center on understanding her client’s needs and meeting those needs through her work and legal experience. She is particularly driven to create safe, effective solutions for families in dangerous situations. Her work as a Child & Family Investigator and as a Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Maker have given her sharp insight into family situations, allowing her to bring clarity into emotionally confusing circumstances while protecting families.

When clients work with Attorney Eckstein, they can trust in her strength as an advocate and as a family law attorney. She aggressively and passionately represents her clients against situations that would threaten their well-being as individuals and as a family unit. Attorney Eckstein handles many high net worth clients in litigation and in marital agreements. Regardless of your situation, rest assured that Attorney Carrie Eckstein can handle your case with high-level skill and deep compassion.

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