Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes David Gardner, Esq.

Lawyers of Distinction wishes to welcome David Gardner, Esq. of Rockville, Maryland. When it comes to selecting an attorney, experience and character matter. As the principal attorney of the Gardner Law Firm, David Gardner has been practicing law in Suburban Maryland for over 35 years. He has represented hundreds of individuals and community association clients in all time of civil and criminal litigation and has a wealth of experience in the type of cases he handles. Experience tells him that the best possible results are often obtained by negotiating and settling the matter out of court, yet he remains willing and able to take the matter before a court of law should that be necessary. In either event, his clients receive a zealous and vigorous representation and are completely informed of all of their options. David Gardner represents clients in a variety of general litigation matters such as personal injury, community association matters, and criminal defense and has attained a broad range of experience in legal matters across many aspects of the law. As busy as Mr. Gardner is, he is proud of the personalized service he continues to provide his clients through face-to-face and telephone meetings to address any and all questions and concerns.
For three decades, Mr. Gardner has been a fixture in the courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia, appearing regularly on behalf of his clients. In addition to his vast courtroom experience, he also represents many community associations as a general counsel and collections attorney. While the court system can be an intimidating and confusing labyrinth for most people, Mr. Gardner is completely comfortable advocating for clients in any and all matters related to criminal defense and in any courtroom in the state.
While a courtroom trial may be necessary at times, Mr. Gardner’s first object is a favorable out of court settlement and is trained in the collaborative divorce process. With a reputation for being compassionate and fair, he has been appointed by the court as a “best interest attorney”, representing children at Child Custody hearings. Mr. Gardner acts as a facilitator to the court and mediates cases heard at a scheduling conferences. Lawyers of Distinction is proud to have you as one of our newest members!

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