Running a law firm is not a walk in the park – especially if you are new in the field. This is probably because of the existing huge competition from other law firms.

But the fact that there are many firms succeeding means that anyone can start and succeed, provided they have the right strategy.

Below are 4 tips that can help you succeed and stay away from the competition:

  1. Have a great sales team

Just like in any other field, a sales team largely determines the success or failure of a company. You may have the best services or product but if you don’t have a good sales team in place, it will be difficult to break through the existing competition and succeed in your business.

Unlike in the past, sales knowledge is essential in every business today. Most law firms have realized that hiring lawyers alone is not enough.

Salespersons have proved to be a vital part of law firm operations. Although some of them are still hesitant in taking this direction, those that have gone against the grain are reaping big.

  1. Constantly engage your clients

This is where most law firm businesses get it wrong. Lack of proper engagement with your clients has the potential of ruining your business. Most clients love it when they are recognized and appreciated.

This means you have to find ways of engaging your clients constantly – be it physical or online. One of the best ways of doing this is creating a vibrant online presence. Ensure that you know each of your clients by name and engage them regularly.

You can also make use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to engage your clientele.

  1. Give your clients a range of option

Most clients prefer working with lawyers who are flexible and have a variety of options. For example, whenever they contact you, they expect quick responses with regards to their cases.

Some clients prefer making payments using their preferred modes of payment. This means if you have just one or a few options, it will be difficult to retain that particular client.

It is therefore important to have several options for your clients in terms of communication, payment, and other related matters. Being rigid will only drive clients to your competitors.

  1. Follow up

Follow up an important element in any kind of business. This might be difficult – especially if your law firm has a large customer base. However, you can break them down to manageable groups.

Starting a relationship with a client may be easy, but maintaining that relationship requires effort. It is important to develop (if possible) a personal relationship with your clients in order to gain their trust.

If you are not following up on your clients, then there’s a possibility that you are driving them to your competitors.

What is special about law firms that succeed? What do they do differently from others? The fact that they are able to attract more clients than others means there’s something they are doing right unlike you. Read our blog for more Lawyers of Distinction law firm development articles.