It was recently discovered that Kim Kardashian has decided to become a lawyer. While she is spending her time studying hard, a recent article from Vogue covered the story about the reality star going through this journey. If she successfully becomes a lawyer, she’ll add that to the list of selfie expert, beauty mogul, social media influencer and reality star. The idea of her becoming a professional is sending her fans on the internet into a rabid frenzy.

Not everyone online was convinced this was the career path for her. Some were telling her that she needs to stay in her lane and stick to what she knows. Her response was that people need to understand anyone can do what they want and they should not be limited in pursuing their career goals or making their dreams come true. The State Bar Association does not care who you are or your past.

Kim and her family members are all multi-millionaires from their influence of everything from beauty, fashion and even emojis. This career leap is causing her fans to want to take more of a professional path in their lives. Kardashian said she was motivated to begin studying law after she worked with a criminal justice reformation advocate. While working with the advocate, they help to get a 63-year-old non-violent great-grandmother and drug offender released from prison.

While she was helping to fight for someone’s rights after paying their dues to society, she felt like she could make a difference in other people’s lives. She has been wanting to pursue something more meaningful in her life and this happened to be what caught her attention. According to a recent poll completed by Gallop, Kim is not the only millennial wanting to have a more meaningful career instead of just earning paychecks.

It is also becoming more common for mid-lifers to want to pursue a reinvention of their lives. A top choice seems to be practicing law. If you have a passion for law and become good enough at it, you may be able to have your name listed as a member of the Lawyers of Distinction organization. Through their website, people needing a reputable lawyer can search for attorneys to consider hiring in their area.

Kim Kardashian’s path to a career in law is not uncommon. Instead of attending a local law school, she has opted to do an apprenticeship for four years in a law firm under the supervision of two prominent lawyers. Currently, there are only four states in the country that will allow lawyers to take their bar exam without attending a law school. These states include Washington, Virginia, California and Vermont. Even though Kim’s route to becoming a lawyer is not a conventional one, she will still have to take and pass the California bar exam in order to become a lawyer.