A press release may seem to be an archaic method of communicating. In fact, press releases can, even in the 21st century, enhance the digital marketing plan of any law firm. In the same way, the marketing company Lawyers of Distinction can help you as an attorney gain the attention you need to succeed in today’s competitive legal profession.

Although the concept of using written communications to promote a business is not a new idea, press releases themselves have over the years undergone some dramatic changes. The purpose of modern digital marketing is to seek new customers and improve relationships with established clients. The additional use of press releases can enhance process by gaining even greater exposure within a particular market.

Press Releases and Marketing Strategy

Great emphasis is today placed on digital media platforms to share information. The promotion of law firms is no different than marketing in other commercial fields, involving the use of marketing in such social networking services as LinkedIn. A press release can be an equally useful tool and not at the same break an advertising budget.

Distributed over such services as PR Newswire, a press release can serve as a supplement to any digital system. If handled properly, the media services that carry it will provide an online link to the firm, enhancing the publicity gained from the release itself. This “backlink” is an important part of online messaging. It can also help a firm obtain ranking within such search engines as Google, which can itself be a good way of promoting a business without the costs associated with regular advertising.

The Many Uses of the Press Release

The goal of a company seeking publicity is to have its press release obtained by a news outlet and then have it sent throughout cyberspace. Material can be far more effective when distributed in this manner. There are many advantages to taking the route of the press release when disseminating information. Its usefulness stands out in these ways:

  • It can improve public awareness when announcing a new product or service
  • It is an easy method of enhancing awareness of a particular service
  • It becomes immediately available in major search engines and social media services
  • It can be even more effective when the written material is accompanied by a video or a photographic image
  • It is effective in the way that a single press release can be sent throughout the country or even the world
  • It can enhance awareness of a firm when it includes search engine or additional public affairs information
  • It is simply seen and read by so many others, including journalists
  • It can be written and published so to target certain audiences
  • It can benefit from the use of internet search engine optimization

Many wire services distribute of press releases. Lawyers of Distinction is the one marketing firm that can help you as an attorney gain exposure through both print and online media services.

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