There is no doubt that social media is a powerhouse, and the more people join these platforms, the better it is for lawyers, even distinguished lawyers who have Lawyers of Distinction status. The question is how can lawyers effectively use the platforms, like Twitter, and how can they use hashtags to their advantage?

Why Twitter?

Well, this one is pretty simple. At the moment, Twitter has over 60 million users, and those users may need legal help. These people need a qualified lawyer with experience. That large number has encouraged many people to market to the people on this platform.

How Can a Lawyer Use Twitter?

There are a lot of ways a lawyer can use Twitter. Some can use it to connect with other lawyers and network.

You never know when a lawyer may pass along potential clients to you, should you focus on an area the lawyer doesn’t focus on. A lawyer may even refer clients to you because they are swamped and cannot take on any more jobs.

You should also keep in mind that Twitter gives you information about potential clients that could help you personalize the kind of services your firm offers. For example, if you notice that people are talking about bicycle accidents on Twitter, then you know to brush up on everything regarding bicycles so that you are better prepared for this trend or whatever trend you see brewing.

Using Hashtags

The next thing you want to learn is how to use hashtags. Of course, you will need to press the pound sign (#), followed by a keyword linked to what you are talking about.

You are going to want to learn how to effectively create hashtags that will not only be searched by others but also perfectly conveys the subject matter of your tweet.

One good example is #slipandfall or #divorcelawyer, but these are just some of the hashtags you can choose. You can do a little research, like following successful lawyers in your area of expertise to see what kind of hashtags that company has used effectively. This does not mean you cannot use your own hashtags, but try to stick to stuff that works at first, and then, begin to branch out. You can use more than one hashtag to attract potential clients, so do not be afraid to use more than one.

It may be a good idea to talk to a social media adviser to help you create a social media plan of attack that could help you lure more clients to your page and your practice. Be sure that you have your site updated, filled with symbols of trust, such as the Lawyers of Distinction membership logo to help potential clients make the right decision about you.