Below is a transcript with Ryan Klein of Market My Market. Mr. Klein specializes in Legal Marketing and has worked for Law Firms all over the United States.

Jesse- Good morning Mr. Klein

Mr. Klein- Good morning

Jesse- tell us about your background and how you first became involved in legal marketing?

Mr. Klein- well after graduating college I decided I wanted to work in the technology field and specifically I had a strong interest in web site design and internet marketing. I initially worked for an SEO agency…then one of the largest Law firms in Orlando, FL. I now consult for top Law Firms throughout the country. 

Jesse-explain to us exactly what you do now for these firms.

Mr. Klein- all clients have different needs, budgets and growth expectations. No 2 marketing plans are the same. The critical thing is helping clients achieve their individual short and long term goals and helping them grow their firm and book of business. 

Jesse- how do you do this?

Mr. Klein- as my clients are well aware legal competition is insane. Probably more so than any other profession. Lawyers are very proactive and aggressive in trying to manage and grow their businesses, however they tend to have a herd mentality and lack creativity. I try to give them a stable, sustainable growth platform. I advise all of my clients that they need a two pronged marketing strategy.

Jesse-what do you mean?

Mr. Klein-first prong is old fashioned pressing of flesh and getting active and involved in their local community. There is no substitute for personal relationships. The second prong is the actual marketing of the firm. This shapes the firm for the long term. The most cost effective and direct way is through utilization of internet marketing strategies It’s not just enough though to have a beautiful website. People need to be able to find it. It needs to stand out.

Jesse- how do you do this?

Mr. Klein- several ways. Various tactics help a law firm increase their viability online, effective SEO, optimized search marketing campaigns. Client reviews and AVVO rankings have also become quite important. I really try to stay about a dozen steps ahead of competition because of the time to dedicate to it. This has led me to more interesting marketing routes like vanity clubs/exclusive legal networking organizations, extensive social participation, full-scale content campaigns, and video marketing. 

Jesse- what else?

Mr. Klein- I have seen that being featured on exclusive legal networking organizations can really help improve search rankings. I have watched clients rankings jump pages of Google organically from taking the simple steps of joining some legal directories and organizations such as the ones provided byLawyers of Distinction, Super Lawyers, Justia, and AVVO. Not only does it help with organic rankings it also adds prestige and credibility in the eyes of potential clients. Lawyers have to do anything possible to distinguish themselves and their practices to the general public, and really make the biggest impact on them when they get to the law firm’s website. “Everyone has seen an Avvo or SuperLawyers badge on a website and it has almost become commonplace but I think something like a Lawyers of Distinctionemblem/seal has had the ability to make some people stand out”

Jesse-what about paid search marketing campaigns?

Mr. Klein- If the budget is there and there is an expert working on the Adwords account, you might stand a chance. Search terms are very expensive as prices are continually driven up by the firms who already have dominant market positions. Once you stop paying for Adwords, the traffic and leads cease to exist. I’m all for paid campaigns like AdWords if the return on investment is there but there are definitely more inexpensive options that have a nice long-term impact

Jesse-you mentioned exclusive legal networking organizations earlier. If a lawyer joins one how can they really maximize their membership

Mr. Klein- yes, once you join a legal networking organization I agree, you must use it to your best advantage. Put it prominently on your website, letterhead, business cards and any other firm promotional materials. “You could even do a press release, blog, article, or social campaign about it to let people know that you’ve been honored for a unique level of prestige”

Jesse-thanks for all of your practical advice Mr. Klein

Mr. Klein-anytime

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