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Lawyers of Distinction 2020 Steering Committee

Kathleen Chavez, Esq.

Civil Litigation, Illinois

Thelma Wyatt Moore, Esq.

Personal Injury, Georgia

Seth Gladstein, Esq.

Personal Injury, Kentucky

L. Steven Platt, Esq.

Labor and Employment, Illinois

William Crutchlow, Esq.

Medical Malpractice, New Jersey

L. Jeanne Sockle, Esq.

Family and Divorce, Washington

Tamra Katcher, Esq.

Criminal Defense, New Jersey

Emmanuel Coffy, Esq.

Intellectual Property, New Jersey

Karen Pendergast, Esq.

Family and Divorce, Pennsylvania

Pawnee Davis, Esq.

Family and Divorce, Maryland

Steven Scheer, Esq.

Civil Litigation, Georgia

Todd Seelman, Esq.

Antitrust and Competition, Colorado

Michael Wynne, Esq.

Criminal Defense, Texas

Daena Ramsey, Esq.

Civil Litigation, Texas

John Siffert, Esq.

Criminal Defense, New York

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The Third Annual Report According to the recently released third annual report from Martindale-Avvo, the type of clientele a lawyer chooses to represent has a major impact on their yearly compensation. This report showed lawyers representing businesses increased their earnings…
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lawyers of distinction blog series

Continuing to Move Your Law Firm Through COVID-19

Covid-19 has radically transformed the landscape. What was once a minor problem in a single Chinese city has turned into a global pandemic. Millions of people have been affected by this infection directly. Nearly everyone else has suffered in other…
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