10 Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Law Firm

Using the digital media to promote your law firm is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential customers. The options are many and spreading the word will become easier if you use proper techniques.

It is one of the best ways to advertise your product. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs are economical and super fast ways to market your products and keep in touch with both potential clients and prospective customers. It helps in keeping an eye on industry trends and beat competitors at their own game.  Here are ten social media tips for law firms

  1. Build Relationships, Find Leads

Share blogs and other posts and connect with your audience. Other people who follow your page will also be sharing your post. This leads to more views and more potential customers. Your potential audience maybe chatting with your lawyers and discussing the events you have hosted, leading to more engagement. These are all potential leads and you should have a way of tracking them and following up with them.

  1. Build Social Media Into Your Real World Events

Start building social media into your real-world events. Spread the message by motivating attendees to spread and post online which lead to the spreading of your core message. Connect with other attendees, organizers, and speakers when attending a conference. The use of social media network will increase your conference ROI.

  1. Create a Blog

Writing blogs is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. People will read and know more about your law firm. This can be used to attract more customers. Other social media outlets help in telling people you exist and spread the message. Plan out when you want to publish them at what intervals and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  1. Share Photos

Social media marketing is not all about texts. Photos must also be posted regularly to make things more interesting. Research says a message interspersed through a photograph reaches more people as compared to a text.

  1. Post Often

Stay visible by posting more often than you’d like to. If you do not follow this simple rule, your audience will forget you. The more the posts are shared by different people following you, the more it will reach your potential customer.

  1. Boost Posts

Promote your posts by boosting them on Facebook, Different packages cost varied amount of money. The increased exposure is totally worth the money spent. It is a great ROI.

  1. Post Videos

Make engaging videos on YouTube and post them so as to solve problems facing your audience or talking about things they might be interested in. What you do and the mission and vision behind your law firm can be best delivered through this medium.

  1. Show Eminent People in the Law Firm

Highlight individual members and the core people behind your law firm. The audience needs to be convinced about the credibility of your firm and the people behind the show. It is a good way of enhancing loyalty.

  1. Set a Policy, Plan Your Content

Planning what you want to say is a great way to start off. You need to engage the target audience to get them interested. Debates and discussions on your posts engage the audience and make you come across as relevant. Sharing generally happens only if you have a strategy behind what you are posting. Think why your target customer would share and engage with your post.

  1. Choose your Platforms, Plan your Approach

Study your competitors and make a strategy. See which platform works for you. It does not just have to be on Linkedin. Facebook and Twitter may work better. Invest more time in the platform that is working better. See what other people in similar fields are doing and adopt successful strategies.

These are some of the renowned Lawyers of Distinction who use these tactics to market their firm.

They have fought their cases with dignity and morality and inspired many to take up this noble profession.

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