Lawyers of Distinction Welcomes New Member Roy Herron, Esq.

Lawyers of Distinction wishes to welcome Roy Herron, Esq. as one of its newest members for 2018. Mr. Herron graduated from the University of Tennessee Martin with the highest honors. After graduating from the University of Tennessee Martin, Mr. Herron then moved to Scotland, where he attended the University of St. Andrews to become a Rotary Scholar. While at the University of Saint Andrews, Mr. Herron also received high honors in New Testament. Following his studies in Scotland, Mr. Herron returned back to the United States to pursue both his legal and divinity degree at Vanderbilt University. He became one of the first students to graduate with both a Juris Doctorate degree and a Masters in Divinity.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University and passing the Tennessee Bar exam, Mr. Herron was admitted to the Tennessee Bar and also ordained a Methodist Minister. Prior to being elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1987, Mr. Herron worked as an attorney and part time minister. He also taught courses that he created at Vanderbilt and Tennessee Martin on Law and Religion. At University of Tennessee Martin, Mr. Herron founded the Governor Ned McWherter Center.

In 1987, Mr. Herron was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives. Mr. Herron was a member of the House of Representatives for ten years. In 1997, Mr. Herron was elected as a member of the Tennessee Senate, and was in office until 2013. In 2013, Mr. Herron was elected as the Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman and served for two years.

In addition to his legal and ministerial work, Mr. Herron has authored four books: Things Held Dear: Soul Stories for My Sons, Tennessee Political Humor: Some Of These Jokes You Voted For, How Can a Christian Be in Politics?: A Guide Toward Faithful Politics, and God and Politics: How Can A Christian Be In Politics?

Mr. Herron has the record for the highest jury awarded verdict in West Tennessee, at $15.2 million.

Lawyers of Distinction is very excited to have Mr. Roy Herron, Esq. as a member!

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