The American Veterinary Medicine Association has noted that dogs bite as a reaction to something. Usually this is a provocation of some kind but as the association writes, it may be because they don’t feel well or are scared. Nevertheless, there are a great number of cases where dogs bite humans where the human has done nothing wrong whatsoever. But so many dog bites go unreported each year. Having an attorney raises the likelihood of a fair and just compensation for injuries related to dog bites.

Contingency Cases

Like most personal injury cases, attorneys that take dog bite cases will usually offer their services and representation on what is known as a “contingency.” This means that you will not be out of pocket for any costs unless there is a settlement or judgment in your favor. The attorney is taking all the risk and you won’t have to worry about receiving a bill. Make sure you discuss this contingency with your attorney and you know exactly what percentage the attorney will be taking. Make sure that it is very clear that you will not ever receive a bill from the attorney in the event you do not receive compensation.

It’s Not Personal

Don’t worry about your attorney putting a guilt trip on the owners of the dog or making them feel threatened. That is not the intention of the attorney and things are always done professionally. The attorney will take their cue from you on how aggressively you want to fight to get compensated. But usually it is a matter of the attorney communicating directly with the insurance company. They know what to say and how to handle the matter in a way that is business-like and will render the best result.

Just Because You Have An Attorney Doesn’t Mean You are Suing

A lawsuit is when a petition is filed in court for relief. While your attorney won’t be afraid to file a lawsuit, just because you retain their services does not mean you are suing. Very often the attorney can communicate directly with the insurance company or the dog owner themselves and secure a fair and appropriate settlement. This all happens without filing a single piece of paper through court. Make sure you have an experienced attorney handling this as more experienced attorneys know how to settle cases faster and easier than younger attorneys or attorneys practicing out of their area of specialty.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Remember that attorneys that specialize in dog bite claims and other personal injuries know all the different ways to secure fair compensation. They are a third party that has not been directly impacted by a dog bite. They will look at all the expenses together as well as considering the pain, suffering and inconvenience experienced by the bite. Has the bite impacted your ability to work and are you able to work as efficiently as before the bite? Are there cosmetic issues that have impacted your body and your appearance as a result of the bite? The medical bills attached to this as well as other expenses as a result of lost wages all add up. Attorney’s are very good at defining these expenses and securing the justice you deserve.

Ultimately it is important for anyone that has experienced a dog bite whether a child or an adult to seek the advice of an attorney. Dogs don’t bite unless something is wrong and it is the responsibility of their owners to protect both them and others from them. Don’t handle this by yourself, let an unbiased and experienced attorney take care of it to get you the justice you deserve.